Me: Suzanne Alicardi

I tend to think in terms of bullet points and the bottom line. When it comes to viewing life it’s what connects those points that’s of interest — our emotional and spiritual actions and reactions. Here are the bullet points of my life:

  • Born 1959 San Diego County
  • 2 parents, 1 brother
  • Married 1980
  • Son born 1982
  • Daughter born 1986
  • Brother dies of suicide 1994
  • Son dies of cancer 1996
  • Miscellaneous jobs until 2004
  • Longest job – Pastor’s Assistant 2004 – 2013
  • Moved over 20 times. I’ve stopped counting
  • Now living in Nashville
  • Husband dies of heart disease 2014
  • Still living in Nashville

I desire to connect and elaborate on the bullet points of my life in an honest and heart felt manner. The common thread through all my experiences is the presence of God. Whether I was aware of Him or not. In writing I hope to discover more of how He has been with me and how He continues to be with me.

Update: I have become more sensitive to how my dotted life is connected with eternity. And how eternity presses into my space here in time. I’m fascinated and encouraged by this. God is real and so very close. And so our my loved ones.


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