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The piano at Urban Cowboy in East Nashvile

Is It a Sign?


I’ll hold you in my heart forever!

Third Year Marker

Kerr Lake, NC

in case you were wondering


Christmas 2012

Alise wrote this post July 2013.


Waiting is not for the faint of heart. (A collection of my watches)


I am still amazed at how my job was so particularly an answer to prayer. (Part of the artful decor at the office and a good reminder)

Dream Job

This may have been the photo Jim’s nurse saw when she found Alise on Facebook and then sent her a very special message.

Return To Me

There’s a picture of Jim over my shoulder. It’s my favorite.

Keeping An Eye on Me

Christmas time can be sad, but it’s good to remember the joy in the memories.

The Merries and Not-so-Merries of Christmas

Fall is beautiful and transitional. It speaks to my life’s season.

It’s Only a Season

This picture was taken in Ventura California. It was the setting of my imaginary job.

Early Morning Wake Up

This is one of my favorite posts. Schedules and routines are meant to be broken. Life is not static.

Today’s Schedule: Working On It

Walks can bring powerful revelations to me. This walk blew me away.


Here is Jim the day he recorded my song.

Guitars and Living Rooms

This is Jim and me in Las Vegas the night of his comedy performance. He looks so serious but he was so funny.

Flying by the Seat of His Pants

This is a favorite post of mine. It speaks to faith and hope in the face of uncertainty.


Me with Brice (my son from another mother) and Alise my precious daughter at Rolf and Daughter’s Restaurant in Nashville.

It’s 5:46

Round-a-bouts are all over Nashville, but in San Diego they are few. This one pictured is the one I refer to in this post.

Fly Me to the Moon

Here is my sweet boy with his dad. I think Brandon probably grabbed onto Jim when he welcomed him in heaven.

Twenty Years Later

I had no idea the roads ahead of me when I wrote this.

Roads More and Less Travelled

Me and my brother. This must be December 1967. I think I was 8 years old. We’re standing in front of the living room window in our front yard.

Gray Days

Grief, Grace and Graciousness